Somerset Yard Bash 8 – The Reunion 02/05/2022

**UPDATE** Although previous tours have had a charge, this small reunion tour will be free! I will of course accept donations if anyone feels that they need to pay something, but there is absolutely no obligation, I do this for love not profit.

Well it’s been 2 years since the last yard bash, the pandemic had just started over in the East when the Somerset Yard Bash 7 took place, and then it put a halt to any further annual yard bashes.

It is still about of course, and probably will forever be like the common cold, cases are starting to go down as I type this but for those worried about going on a full coach, don’t worry only half the capacity of the coach will be used.

As many of you know I am now a driver for Chandlers which means I can now do self-drive, which is what this tour will be. As I will be using a tachograph this does restrict dates a little bit, but my company has offered me Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May, which will be the date of this Yard Bash, and they told me this would be a good date to do anyway as the depot’s are likely to have everything in.

Obviously this tour caters for both photographers and spotters, but this is an ideal spotters tour as you are likely to get a lot, if not all, of the fleet at some places.

This is called ‘The Reunion’ as I am inviting members who have been on previous Yard Bash tours to this is a small event mainly to get the ball rolling again and have a nice sociable day out, but you don’t need to have travelled before, if you are new to the Yard Bash tours you are most welcome to come along on this tour!

At the moment the visits confirmed are:

Arleen Coach Hire
Berkeley Coach Hire
Centurion Travel
Chandlers Coach Travel
Libra Travel

There will also be a drive around the City of Bath as well.

The coach planned to be used for the day is Mercedes Tourismo BN17 HZW. There may be another vehicle used between Westbury Station and the Chandlers Depot.
NOTE: This vehicle does NOT HAVE a toilet on board. Please use the toilet before travel at Westbury Station, there will be an opportunity at the Chandlers depot as well, and somewhere halfway through the day.

The tour will start at Westbury Railway Station, at the bus stop outside the main entrance to the left at 10:00 and planned to return between 1730 – 1800, possibly earlier depending how we get on

Pick up point at Westbury Station:

This tour is restricted to 30 places, there are 19 spaces left

To book a space, please e-mail me your name to so I can add you to the list. Booking a space is free


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