Bath Christmas Market Coaches 25/11/2017

Although the Bath Christmas Market started on Thursday the 23rd November, the 25th was the first date that the market was on at a weekend. I took a visit to Bath as I expected it to be busier than the usual flow of coach traffic, and it certainly was.

Along with the usual’s like Premium Tours, Redwing, Golden Tours and other local private hires, there was a lot of visitors for the market too, and as expected there was a lot of coaches from the Welsh boys.

I have a gallery on my Flickr of the coaches I snapped in Bath that day, and if you wish to see them, click on the picture below:

Creigiau Travel S12 CTL

I have also compiled a log of the coaches I saw between 10:00 and 16:00 (I would have stayed later if it wasn’t so cold!)

Registration       Operator                         

11 JBT                   Johnson Bros, Worksop
15-BFS-9              AMZ Topdeck, Borselle (NL)
408 OHY              Arleen Coach Hire, Peasdown
8990 PH               Hodges Coaches, Sandhurst
9649 PH               Hodges Coaches, Sandhurst
978 HHT              Edwards Coaches, Llantwit Fardre
AC13 PCC             P.C Coaches, Lincoln
BF15 KFO            Wheadon’s Coaches, Cardiff
BF15 XPM            Coaches Excetera, Croydon
BJ15 AVZ              Edwards Coaches, Llantwit Fardre
BK11 GKC            Herrington Coaches, Fordingbridge
BN17 JBE             Redwing, Herne Hill
BP12 ZGF             Cymru Coaches, Swansea
BU03 LYF             Rebound Coaches, Bampton
BV17 CJF              Golden Tours, London
BX13 BXJ              South Wales Transport, Swansea
BYC 828B              Arleen Coach Hire, Peasdown
C2 HBG                 A&B Coach Travel, Cardiff
C20 BUS                Coniston Coaches, Stourport on Severn
C4 SSU                   Reading & Wokingham Coaches
CN08 TKV             Ridgways Coaches, Port Talbot
D16 EUN               Olympia Travel, Hindley
DA17 LON            Dhilion, London
DN17 LON            Dhilion, London
DY52 DZF              Jenson Travel, Pontypool
EU07 FHY             Crusader Holidays, Aylesbury
F18 ACT                Abbot Coach Travel, Newton Abbot
JIL 2433                Davies Coaches, Llanelli
K18 DUX               Coracle Coaches, Carmarthen
KX59 CYE              P&S Travel, Ceredigion
KX64 AAY              South Wales Transport, Swansea
MB12 MTB            Bakers, Moreton-in-Marsh
MV08 HVJ             P&R Coaches, Southall
MX04 AFU             Jarvis Coaches, Aberdare
OU14 SVF              Longstaffs Travel, Amble
OY67 DWP            ABC Coach Hire, Manchester
P300 EDW             Edwards Coaches, Llantwit Fardre
P400 EDW             Edwards Coaches, Llantwit Fardre
P6 EUR                   Eurocoaches, Yate
P814 GBA              Berrys Coaches, Taunton
PJI 3354                 Target Travel, Plymouth
PO15 AZD              London Travel In, West Drayton
PO15 AZV              Watts Coaches, Bonvilston
PO17 AUY              Horseman Coaches, Reading
R255 FBJ                Centurion Travel, Midsomer Norton
R555 SWM            South West Minicoaches, Bristol
RJI 2714                 Davies Coaches, Llanelli
RL06 RSL               Jervis Coaches, Port Talbot
RX12 HNT             Horseman Coaches, Reading
S12 CTL                 Creigiau Travel, Capel Llanilltern
SF06 VYL              Gwyn Jones, Bryncethin
SF06 VYW             Phil Anson Coaches, Blaenavon
SF54 NBG              Berrys Coaches, Taunton
SIL 7914                Go South Coast (Tourist)
SN57 LKA             Andrews Coaches, Frome
T112 JBA               James Travel, Caerphilly
TIL 6719                Go South Coast (Damory)
V10 CTL                Creigiau Travel, Capel Llanilltern
V210 EAL              Parrot Motors, Bridgend
W609 FUM           Apec Executive Travel, Cowbridge
WA13 GYT            Mainline, Gilfach Goch
WA14 DVJ             Ferris Coaches, Nantgarw
WA62 BBU            Eagle Line Travel, Andoversford
WH04 OXO           Reading & Wokingham Coaches
WH09 SUN           W&H Motors, Crawley
WJ66 KDO            Watts Coaches, Bonvilston
Y15 POS                 Pauls Coaches, Stoke-on-Trent
YD17 WYV            Premium Coaches, Brixton
YD63 FGA             Johnsons, Henley-in-Arden
YF17 LTO              Mainline, Gilfach Goch
YG67 FZM             Heyfordian, Bicester
YJ13 HTG               Apec Executive Travel, Cowbridge
YJ16 EPP                Galloway European, Mendlesham
YK16 SSZ               Parrys International, Cheslyn Hay
YM52 UVX             Rogers Coaches, Martley
YN10 FZV              Cymru Coaches, Swansea
YN16 NZD             Clarkes Coaches, Lower Sydenham
YN16 WWM         Commandery Coaches, Worcester
YP17 FLM             Mainline, Gilfach Goch
YR58 RUH             Go Ahead Brighton & Hove (Spirit of Sussex)
YT11 LPA              Lucketts Travel, Fareham
YT11 LPE              Lucketts Travel, Fareham
YT11 LPV              Lucketts Travel, Fareham
YX15 OVH            Anderson Travel, Bermondsey
YX16 NYA             Johnsons, Henley-in-Arden
YX16 NYB             Johnsons, Henley-in-Arden

Also noted but have no registration log, was a Johnsons Yutong and a Premium Coaches Plaxton Panther 3


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