Coach feeder C5 service to the Chippenham Back to School running day – 30/08/21

Hello! Been a long time since I have posted anything on here, especially as the yard bashes have been put on hold for now, hopefully I can return with something next year, but I am bringing a vehicle to the Chippenham Back to School Running Day on the 30th August 2021.

I am running a feeder service from Westbury to Chippenham and return, and also running a town service 44M (Chippenham Bus Station – Monkton Park) as well, times for that are to be confirmed.

Details for the C5 feeder, the vehicle, subject to it running and in order, will be Chandlers WJ52 MTE, a 70 seater Bova Futura FHD12-340 with a 6 speed manual box. Note a lot of windows have been fogged up so you can’t see a lot out of most the windows, and is in a 3+2 configuration designed for school children. I have requested to do a small run rather than a scenic run, more for those that wish to ride this vehicle, especially as it never carries adults so is very rare for the public to ride on.

The pick ups and timings are as follows:

Westbury Railway Inn (SE-Bound) – 08:05
Trowbridge Trinity Church (Opp Skate Park) – 08:25

**Booked Connection for 06:01 from Portsmouth and 07:20 from Bristol Parkway, both due in at 08:19**
Melksham Market Place, Opp King’s Arms – 08:45
Corsham, Newlands Road – 09:00
Chippenham Bus Station – 09:15

Returning from Chippenham Bus Station at approximately 15:10 and from Chippenham Schools at 15:30

Face coverings are to be worn on the vehicle at all times, unless exempt. There is no charge for the feeder or for the service 44M, but any donations would be appreciated as this is a hire cost covered out of my own pocket.


Westbury Railway Inn:

Trowbridge Skate Park:

Melksham Market Place:

Corsham Newlands Road:

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