CANCELLED 17/02/2018

CANCELLED – Saturday 17th February 2018

UPDATE 11/02/2018:

Unfortunately, some of the operators have had to cancel for various reasons, that’s not to say we aren’t welcome, I fully understand that operators have a life outside of work and family life comes first. It’s just the date that doesn’t work so I am hoping to re-arrange a re-run on the 24th March.

I know that many of you were looking forward to this and some of you have booked to come down to Newbury for the tour, I was frantically trying to arrange a last minute Oxfordshire yard bash for the 17th February, but unfortunately we could only be at those places by no later than midday. Trying to do 3 depots around Oxfordshire with around 20-30 minute travelling time between each place wasn’t going to work unless we started from Newbury at 7am, which clearly wasn’t going to work.

This would have been the 4th tour I have done and is the first I have had to cancel, so this is a first and cancelling is something I don’t take lightly, it only happens when there really is no feasible alternatives.

I am however grateful to the operators that would have been able to take us in at such short notice even if it was just for the morning that they would be able to let us in, but I hope the Berkshire re-run will go ahead in March, if not I have some other idea’s up my sleeves…


Once again I do apologize for cancelling the tour.



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